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Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Attention: SnB Stitchers

The final tally is almost complete for 2006. If you have any remaining items that need to be added to the SnB tally of completed projects finished in 2006, please let us know to add to the total. To date, the total of completed hand-stitched projects for 2006 is: 261.

Sock Knit-Along

Beginning in January, some participants at SnB began a Sock-Knit-Along to learn the techniques of making socks. Some have finished now while others are well on their way. Experienced sock knitters smile when, upon completion of a first sock novices who first thought such an endeavor would be impossible, realize it really is easy and they can't wait to make more socks!

If YOU'RE interested in learning how to create a certain project/item or want undertake a specific technique in any type of stitching, SnB is the place to come. You'll always find lots of willing mentors who can help you get past your stitching "blocks" and on the road to new stitching adventures. Best of all, there's no pressure and it's FREE!

If you have a suggestion for a new knit-or-crochet-along, please let us know. . .

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Congratulations to everyone involved in our first SnB Knit & Crochet Fashion Show on Sunday, January 8 at the Hedberg Public Library, Janesville, WI! Over 80 guests watched our models on the runway as they presented locally hand-knit and crocheted items which included a time-retrospective of ponchos, beautiful sweaters demonstrating various techniques and styles, accessories, toys, shawls and more. Thanks to all those many stitchers, volunteers and local businesses who made this presentation possible - especially the library who hosted our event. If you would like to get involved in our 2008 show, please contact us!

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