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Friday, June 20, 2008

Please note: While fish are swimming in the park (see fins in photo below!), the Janesville Farmer's Market is MOVING up the hill on Saturday, June 21 to the upper Courthouse Park parking ramp area. Let's continue to support our local farmers through this time of flooding devastation to so many fields and shop the market on Saturday!

Main St. under water

River moves toward the library after inundating the parking areas.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

WWKIP Day June 14, 2008 At Janesville Farmer's Market

Crowds coming to downtown Janesville to see the flooding Rock River brought many first-time Farmer's Market visitors on June 14 who were able to enjoy the SnB Worldwide Knit in Public Celebration as we did "performance knitting" on 5-foot tall needles with rope! Knitters of all ages tried their hands at king-size needles to join in the fun.

While the water of the Rock River was climbing onto Main Street during the market, Rachel Hunter won our drawing for 2 skeins of yarn while Paul Holz won our spring contest of "Oddest Yarn Project".

SnB "regular" Julie (Thursday SnB) had fun trying to deal with larger needles while Patty (Monday SnB) also kept the knit fabric growing.

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